About Us

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We offer short completion times and high quality services at attractive prices

AQUA-System Ltd. company was set up in November 2000 based on the privatized Department of Network Construction and Repairs of AQUA PLC in Bielsko-Biała.

The company specialises in construction projects involving:

  • water-pipe networks and sewage systems
  • water-pipe and sewage system connections
  • roads, pavements, small-size structures
Our Company was established based on assets bought from AQUA PLC. We have also took over the specialists in the area of water-pipe and sewage system construction. We have specialised construction equipment manufactured by well-known companies as well as a group of professional pipe-fitters and operators. The company has its own headquarters with staff facilities, management offices, workshops and a storage facility.

We are completing a 4-year contract with AQUA PLC involving the repair, maintenance, renovation, replacement and extension of the water-pipe network and sewage system of AQUA PLC.

The company is among a few in the region of Podbeskidzie to carry out such works using trenchless technology, which significantly reduces the burden on both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the city, lowers the costs of works compared to traditional methods and eliminates the need for restoring the area to its original state.

We have 100 full time employees – 75 blue collar workers and 25 white-collar workers in the technical, engineering, accounting and management areas

AQUA-System Ltd. owns the following equipment:
  • cars, trucks, lorries and diggers – 53  units
  • trenchless technology equipment – 6 units

Our advantages

The reliability of our offer is based on:

1. The experience and commitment of our engeneering and technical staff authorised to supervise work in the following areas:

  • engineering and installation work ,
  • external water-pipe, sewage,
  • water and sewage installations,
  • hydro-engineering,
  • roads and surfacing
2. Flexible organization for different assignments in different locations

3. Team of high quality pipe-fitters and operators

4. Specjalist construction equipment of well-known manufacturers such as: CATERPILLAR, DITCH WITCH, TRACTO-TECHNIK, SCHÄEFF, FRIATEC, WACKER, HONDA  

 We would like to invite your company to cooperate with us !